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Types of Projects

Chris' Resume

Consulting Engineering Services: These Professional Engineering services require a high degree of knowledge, experience, and expertise in a wide range of structural engineering issues.  They generally require little if any design work. 
  • Pre-purchase:  This service (also known as a resale inspection) is designed to assist buyers and sellers with their due diligence during a property sale by addressing questions and concerns.  This service does not replace a normal building inspection but is meant to augment one. 
    • Has an inspector expressed a concern?
    • Are you concerned about those cracks?
    • Thinking about remodeling or maybe an addition?
    • Do you want to be an aware buyer or seller? 
    • Are you a seller who wants to offer solutions to known problems? 

  • Pre-Design:  These services are designed to assist in determining the structural or "architectural" impact of a idea before large amounts of time, energy and resources are used pursuing an actual design.  We can help shed light on your choices.  
    • New construction.......what is the structural impact of putting in that wall of windows, opening up the floor plan, taking out columns, putting in that 10' door, removing that wall, etc.?
    • Additions and/or renovations.......what is the impact of finishing off the attic, putting in that wall of windows, removing a column or wall, etc.?

  • Design Consultation:  These services assist clients in getting the most out of their "prescriptive" (also known as "conventional construction") design.  
    • Do you want to avoid having to "engineer" your whole building?  
    • Chris can help you avoid "engineering" while getting the most out of your "prescriptive" design.  
    • Let Chris help you with some "tricks" he has developed over the years. 

  • During Construction:  These services are designed to assist owners and contractors with changes made during construction, to help with any unexpected condition found during construction, to address structural comments made by a Building Official, and to verify "as-built" conditions.   
    • Site Observations (inspections).......verification of field conditions.
    • Building Official comments?  We address concerns and provide a workable solution.
    • Is there a better way? 

  • After Construction:  These services assist owners and contractors should questions arise.  All concerns are addressed in an unbiased, professional manner.  
    • Call-backs?  We can help answer questions and solve problems. 
    • Need advise?  We provide the expertise. 

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Building Design (Architectural Engineering) Services:  If you don't need the full design services of a licensed Architect but you would like more than a stock plan provides or do you need more direction than a designer or draftsman can provide?  We can help!!  So what's the difference between an Architect, designer, draftsman and Architectural Engineer?  Here's my take on it!  And even if you decide you need a Licensed Architect, we can help with that too.  We have many contacts. 

  • Menu:  Below are the typical steps in the full design process.  Why is the design process even necessary?  Because it is VITAL to the success of your project!!  The later you start, the more control you lose!  Don't believe me?  Look at these arguments and check this out for a comprehensive study on the subject.  All projects have these steps, but the successful ones spend time on each one.  But keep this in mind; depending on the project, some steps can be drastically truncated.  But with HCE, YOU get to choose what you want, ala carte.  We provide only the services you desire.

    • Pre-Design (PD).......What do you want, need, desire?  What are the possible design problems, existing conditions, site issues, planning issues, other potential hurdles, etc.?  This phase simply gathers information about the potential project and tries to identify its surrounding difficulties. 
    • Schematic Design (SD).......The design process shifts from gathering information to how can we solve problems (design ideas).  A broad brush approach defines this step where design ideas are produced and presented for discussion.  This step also involves entering into a dialogue with the local Planning Department and discussing what is "allowed" from a planning perspective.  A plan on how to address Planning Department "issues" should be determined prior to proceeding into the Design Development phase. 
    • Design Development (DD).......Now, the design process progresses from identifying possible solutions (design ideas) to picking the best path and refining that idea into a design concept.  Basic details start being considered.  This step produces sketches of the final design concept
    • Construction Documents (CD).......At this point the design concept gets enhanced and made into a set of appropriately detailed and noted drawings.  Structural Engineering information is now added.  The purpose of this step is to produce a concise set of drawings and/or specifications communicating your wishes to a contractor.  
    • Bidding and Negotiations.......We can assist in this process as you feel necessary.  Do you want to "bid it out" or negotiate with one contractor?  Do you want a fixed price or do you want to be flexible with a "time and materials" approach?  This step can be full of pitfalls and we can help identify some concerns and solutions. 
    • Construction.......Do you want/need help keeping an eye on the contractor (your due diligence)?  We can help as you  need. 

  • Pick only the services you need, ala carte:  Again, we design our services around what you need.  Pick from the steps described above and we will help determine your needs during our initial meeting.  Contact us for some help and direction. 
  • More things to consider:

    • When should you start planning your dream home?  Ideally, allowing approximately one year to proceed through the above steps in a non-hurried way will, from a design standpoint, produce a well thought-out design.  It also allows you enough time to think through the different options and make good decisions.  However, designs can and have been produced in MUCH less time.  A few weeks (and sometimes less) can be all it takes to produce drawings if you know what you want and have taken your design through the Design Development (DD) phase yourself.  Contact us and we can help guide you through each step. 
    • Do you want to start dreaming and planning that dream house?  We can help you get started and take it only as far as you are ready. 
    • Do you have a plan in mind, either your own idea or a stock plan?  There may be some copyright and professional ethics hurdles to overcome if the design is someone else's plan.  But if it's your design, then you can have us refine your design or just draft it for you.  Give us a call and we can help.
    • Have you completed the Pre-Design, Schematic Design and some of the Design Development phase on your own?  No problem!  We can help take it across the finish line from wherever you are in the process. 
    • Unsure of what kind/style of building you want?  We can help but it may be worth contacting a licensed Architect.  Much like an artist, helping you provide a vision is an Architect's forte.  But you'll also be paying artist prices.  See My Take on this.  We can complete the full design process with you, retain an Architect as a consultant or direct you to an Architect that can help.  Contact us!
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Structural Engineering Design Services: These services are designed to provide a structural design that is sound, addresses potential problems and concerns, is workable, and assures a quality product. 

  • Residential Properties:  Below are some of the types of structural engineering services typically provided.  
    • Gravity only analysis and of the roof support system, floor support system, and foundation system for code imposed snow, live and dead loads.  This can be completed only when the lateral force resisting system meets a "prescriptive" design. 
    • Lateral only analysis and of the roof system, floor system, wall system, and foundation system for code imposed wind and seismic loads.  This may include items such as shear walls, moment frames, braced frames, cantilevered columns, etc. and can only be completed when the gravity force resisting system meets a "prescriptive" design. 
    • Full gravity and lateral analysis and of the complete structure from ridge to footing for the code imposed gravity and lateral loads.
    • Isolated member of specific members and/or connections for the code imposed gravity and lateral loads.  Although this sounds very limited it may require an in-depth lateral and/or gravity analysis just to determine the loads on a particular member.  

  • Commercial and Industrial Properties:  Chris has designed the structural system of many different types of commercial (office, retail, etc.) and industrial buildings.  
    • We design your commercial or industrial building so you can sleep well during the next snowstorm, windstorm or earthquake.  Having your building designed to meet all the code imposed loads and any special loads will minimize the chance of having problems or having those annoying "maintenance" issues in the future. 
    • Protect your investment, personnel and clients by updating your existing building to withstand the next big earthquake with a seismic upgrade or a seismic retrofit. 
    • We've seen many problems that are "built in" to the structure.  Let me help you avoid some of the same problems.

  • Retaining Walls and Miscellaneous Structures:  Chris has designed many types of retaining walls and unusual structures.
    • Retaining walls.......all types of materials. 
    • Have an unusual structure?  Let us help you!

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Experience:  Currently Haffner Consulting Engineering is a one person operation.  Chris received his Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering in 1984 from Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas. 

After graduation Chris worked for two different engineering firms and designed a wide variety of commercial, industrial, public, and institutional buildings in addition to some miscellaneous structures.  In 1990 he started his first engineering practice with the help of Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers, Inc. and achieved an even wider array of experience working on residences, providing special inspections, and providing consulting services on both commercial and residential properties.  

In 2001 Chris decided to start his second structural engineering practice from scratch in the mid-Columbia region of Oregon and Washington (Hood River, The Dalles, White Salmon, Goldendale).  With the wide array of experience he brings to the area his clients have and will continue to benefit from the expertise he has acquired throughout his career. 

Types of Projects

Chris' Resume

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