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Did you know?  We now provide Building Design Services!
After contemplating an expansion for some time, we are now helping clients with their residential and commercial building designs.  This includes ALL phases of the design process and we can help with Construction Monitoring as the you see fit or as the Code requires.  Do you have a project that will require a licensed Architect?  No problem!  We have many contacts and can help! 

The purpose of this expansion is to help our clients realize their dreams and goals by producing a well thought-out design on a well prepared set of drawings.  Ask any contractor; a good set of drawings saves confusion, and therefore your money, during construction.  There is value in good design!!!  And by trying to save money during the design process you can often limit the ultimate success of your project.  An ill concieved and thought out design will affect the way your building looks, feels, and functions in the end.  In other words.....its value!$$$

Chris has realized for years that the design process is daunting and has always tried to help.  Trained as an Architectural Engineer, Chris will tap into his training and bring his 27+ years of real-world experience to your project. 

See building design services for more information or contact us for a free initial consultation!

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      So which house do YOU want to live in???  BOTH of these homes meet "Code."  Call and we can help make your house stronger!!!

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     This site was last updated 5-1-2011.  We plan on updating the site and adding pertinent information as time permits.  

  Recent Projects....

are some of the projects we've worked on recently.....
Why aren't some of the projects named?  Because we value a clients privacy and therefore, some items are listed generically.

Project Service Location

Mid-Columbia Senior Center
Preliminary design (architectural) of new Master Plan for desired future remodeling and new addition(s) - Building Design
The Dalles, Oregon
Civic Auditorium - temporary stage railing
Structural Engineering
The Dalles, Oregon
Elevator addition to church
Structural Engineering
Parkdale, Oregon

New 5,100 sf, 3-story residence Structural Engineering of gravity and lateral load resisting systems Underwood, Washington
New site-built cistern
Structural Engineering
Mosier, Oregon
New retaining walls
Structural Engineering
The Dalles, Oregon
Outdoor kitchen building
Structural Engineering
Hood River, Oregon
Alterations to roof support
Structural Engineering
Hood River, Oregon
New 400 sf addition to residence
Building (architectural) design and structural engineering
Odel, Oregon
2 kitchen remodels, 1 with new addition
Building (architectural) design with limited structural engineering
Hood River, Oregon

Litigation preparation
Leawood, Kansas
Structural repair
Mosier, Oregon
Fire damage to residence
Structural evaluation of damage with repair recommendations
Dufur, Oregon