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Links (Engineering related)

Recent Earthquakes
The ground is shaking all the time.  Check out the ....
     Latest earthquakes in the Northwest..... Northwest Earthquakes
     Earthquake Faults in the Mid-Columbia..... USGS Map
     Latest earthquakes in the World..... Earthquakes in the World

Building Codes
      The Oregon Codes are available on-line..... Building Codes Division (BCD) - Codes

      The Washington Amendments to the adopted model Codes (International Codes) are available on-line.....
Washington Amendments

      Wonder why building officials do what they do?  Check out the Reference Manual for Building Officials in Oregon

People and Businesses in the Construction Industry:
      Licensed Architect (KS & MO)..... Wolfgang Trost Architects
      Licensed Architect (OR)..... Arthur Larsen Architect, PC
      Designer & Draftsman.....
      Computer Modeling..... McLaughlin Design & Construction, LLC
      Building Inspections..... Premiere Inspection Services, LLC
      Home Energy Inspections..... Premiere Inspection Services, LLC
      Contractor - Kansas City area..... Principle Builders, LLC
      Licensed Surveyor - Oregon..... Klein and Associates
      Licensed Surveyor - Washington..... Trantow Land Surveying
      Private Utility Locating Service - The Gorge area..... KA Locates


      The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce..... TD Chamber

more to come.....

Contractors and DIY'ers - Helpful Info
      Catch these common framing and sheathing errors..... "Framing Red Flags"

      Words mean things.  Sometimes they mean different things to different people.  Check out the following for guidance.....
      Home Building Glossary..... Home Building Manual
      Steel Construction Glossary..... Master Steel Glossary
      Interior Design tool (online)
      Connector and fastener recommendations for Pressure Treated wood..... Protect Your Investment

more to come.....


     Connectors.....Simpson    The type of homes and the way we build is continually evolving.  Simpson is on the cutting edge and Chris appreciates their knowledge and their products.

     Worlds largest shake table.....Watch it shake a 7-story building

     Watch this for an overview..... Simpson innovation video

How important is retrofitting your house for an earthquake?  Watch this and call me when you are ready to be prepared for the next big one. 

more to come.....

Professional Organizations
     Chris has belonged to these organizations as a way of keeping up with current engineering issues and national trends.  He continually tries to stay abreast of both local and national construction and professional issues. 
      National Society of Professional Engineers..... NSPE
      Professional Engineers of Oregon..... PEO
      International Code Council..... ICC

Interesting and Helpful Information

Links (not so serious)

Local sites
    Windsurfing and more things to do in the area.....Wilton's Page

more coming.....

For FUN!!!
     Definition of Mediocrity..... Mediocrity Poster

     Dilbert on Engineering..... The Knack

     Engineering in Motion..... Kinetic Sculpture

more coming.....

Favorite quotes
     "Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get" - Warren Buffet

     "Good design results when good form and function are in ballance" - Rob Heselbarth

"Adversity will sort out your friends" - unknown

     "A building built "to Code" is the WORST building you can legally build" -
Mike Holmes

     "Engineers are the interface between society and technology - Unknown