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In early 2001 Christopher (Chris) Haffner, P.E. started his current Professional Engineering practice in the mid-Columbia River region of Oregon and Washington.  Since that time Chris has helped clients from Portland and Lake Oswego to Fossil, Hood River to Bickleton, The Dalles and Dallesport to White Salmon, and from Goldendale to Parkdale.  And he continues to help people in Kansas and Missouri.  As a licensed Civil Engineer specializing in structural engineering, Chris has provided structural consulting and structural engineering design services on a wide variety of projects for Architects, designers, municipalities, banks, lending institutions, industrial clients, insurance companies, and many private individuals.  His clients receive professional services that are tailor-made to their special needs.  Call us for a free initial consultation!!!

Haffner Consulting Engineering (HCE) also provides building design services (building plans, architectural design and full or partial architect services) for select clients.  Trained as an Architectural Engineer, Chris is uniquely qualified to help owners develop a well conceived and well thought-out design concept that keeps the building's structure and other crucial building systems in mind.  This training also provides a deep understanding of the technical requirements of energy efficient or green building design concepts.  Much like the services provided by an architect, Chris can help with all the normal steps of the design process including obtaining the services of a licensed Architect as needed.  His design-to-budget philosophy for both remodeling and new construction projects helps provide long-term value to the end user and helps his clients get the most for their money.

Combine our building design services and our structural engineering design services with our consulting experience and you have an unbeatable combination that CAN NOT be matched by the "competition."

Our goal is to help you achieve your hopes and dreams!  We can help with just a portion of your project or the whole design package.  Need a licensed Architect?  Already have one?  No problem!  We can help either way.  We adjust our services to your needs and are acutely aware of the challenges and realities that buildings present. 

Architectural Engineering Design
Structural Engineering Design
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Design Consultations - before construction
Residential Buildings
Residential Buildings
Inspections - during & after construction
Historic Buildings
Industrial Buildings Resale Home Inspections - structural only
Accessory Buildings
Retaining Walls
Structural Investigations
New Construction, Additions & Remodels
New Construction, Additions & Remodels Expert Witness Testimony

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